3 deaths of students from the University of Santa Clara linked to mental health problems; group call action


Some students at the University of Santa Clara claim to have mental health issues – weeks after three students from the same school died, two of whom committed suicide.

“They were younger subclasses. Hearing about their loss was very difficult for me. It was difficult to manage. I feel very depressed and sad, ”said Raul Orellana, a final year student. KRON4.

After the tragic deaths, some students formed a group and are now encouraging administrators at the University of Santa Clara to have accessible mental health counseling services, as well as to provide academic compassion and improve communication on the premises. from school.

One of the students, a 19-year-old freshman specializing in computer science, committed suicide on Sunday. Flowers were placed outside his dormitory.

On Monday, students were briefed on the tragedy by university president Lisa A. Kloppenberg. “With a heavy heart, I share the news of the passing of a valued member of the community last night. We offer our deepest condolences to his family. Members of the campus ministry; Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS); Living in residence; and the Office of Student Life have made themselves available to help those in need of reassurance or support, ”she wrote in an email.

Another suicide victim was the 22-year-old graduate who died on October 26.

The school lacks mental health services, so students complained to kron4. Some said they organized scheduled counseling services, but had to wait two to three months.

“The university did not really provide adequate support to the students during this time. We have had student leaders asking for and asking for academic leniency. The university did not respond to this appropriately, ”Orellana said.

Another junior student, Meg Wu, said she plans to protest the school’s efforts on the issue. The rally is set for Thursday at 12:15 p.m. on campus.

A petition has also been launched by student Molly Tucker on Change.org, the “Petition for Academic Laniency & Contracted Crisis Counseling at SCU”, which has so far collected 11,000 signatures.

“In less than a month, the Santa Clara University community has experienced three tragic deaths. In the same month, we had to attend all classes, complete all homework, and pass all midterm exams and assessments. Santa Clara is not a big school – even a single death cannot be swept under the carpet in a way that not all students are affected. The expectation to “Go on and on” is dehumanizing, “Tucker wrote. ” We are scared. We are speechless. Students disperse at home or away from campus.


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