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The vagina has a pH below 4.5, which means it is slightly acidic. Higher pH levels allow bacteria and yeast to grow inside the vagina, which can lead to bacterial and yeast infections.

pH balance pills are products that contain the bacteria lactobacilli. These are “good” bacteria that help keep vaginal pH below 4.5, thus preventing vaginal infections.

This article discusses vaginal pH levels and symptoms of vaginal pH imbalance in more detail. We also explore which products a person may find useful and offer advice on when to speak with a doctor.

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Some factors to consider when looking for probiotics to balance vaginal pH levels include:

  • Comments: People should choose a product with lots of positive reviews, with past buyers reporting that the supplements were effective. They can also check if a brand is registered with Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Security: Product labels should state whether the probiotic is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Utilize: People should check that the pills come with instructions on how and when to take them.
  • Price: Some probiotics can get expensive by adding shipping costs. People can check if companies offer bundles or repeat deliveries to save money.

To Medical News Todaywe select the products according to the following criteria:

  • Comments: The products have mostly positive customer reviews.
  • Food intolerances: The products are suitable for people with certain dietary restrictions, such as those on a gluten-free diet, have lactose intolerance or wish to avoid soy.
  • Instructions: The product label or website provides instructions on how and when to take the product.

Best pH balance pills for pregnancy: Flora Bloom Probiotics for Women

Price: Approximately $24.99

Count: 60 capsules

Flora Bloom Probiotics for Women is a vegetarian product containing four different species of lactobacillus. The product claims:

  • support a healthy vaginal pH, reducing vaginal irritation, discharge and odor
  • support urinary tract health
  • promote digestion

The product contains D-mannose and cranberry extract, which are said to help support urinary health. It is also free of artificial colors, lactose, gluten, flavors and preservatives.

The company recommends taking two capsules daily.

Advantages and disadvantages

Flora Boom capsules are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some customers have noticed that the product has a laxative effect, which means it can be beneficial for people with constipation.

However, one customer wrote that he had an allergic reaction after using the Flora Boom product. They developed facial swelling which worsened the following day.

Best Easy To Swallow pH Balance Pills: AZO Complete Female Balance

Price: Approximately $28.96

Count: 30 capsules

AZO Complete Feminine Balance is an unflavored probiotic that helps balance vaginal pH in 7 days. The capsules are gluten-free and do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The product is also safe for pregnant women. Individuals can take one capsule per day.

Advantages and disadvantages

The product has many positive reviews on Amazon, with several people reporting that the capsules are easy to swallow. Some also claim that people can notice improvements within days.

However, the product may not work for everyone and may not resolve odor issues for some people.

Best Organic pH Balance Pills: Probiotics formulated by Dr. Garden of Life

Price: Approximately $31.99

Count: 30 capsules

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics offers formulations to support vaginal, digestive tract and immune system health. The supplement contains two species of lactobacilli for vaginal health: L.reuteri and L. fermentum.

The product is suitable for people following a vegetarian diet and does not contain dairy or gluten. The product also has carbon-free and organic certifications.

Individuals can take one capsule daily, with or without a meal.

Advantages and disadvantages

Garden Of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics may benefit people with polycystic ovary syndrome who cannot take products that contain soy.

Some people claim that the capsules helped relieve their constipation as they could stop taking their prescription medications. However, people should consult a doctor before stopping any prescription medication.

According to the negative reviews, the plastic bottle has a chemical smell and the caps have a strong smell. Many buyers also wrote that the bottle did not contain all 30 capsules.

Best Vegan pH Balance Pills: HUM private party

Price: Approximately $26

Count: 30 capsules

HUM Private Party Vegan Capsules claim to help maintain a healthy vaginal pH while promoting urinary tract health. The capsules are free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, GMOs and soy.

The manufacturers claim that a person can expect to see results within 4-6 weeks.

The label says people can take one capsule daily, with or without a meal.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many people recommend the HUM private party for people with urinary tract infections. However, it may take some time for individuals to notice an improvement in their symptoms.

Some people have reported the following health problems after using the HUM product:

  • yeast infections
  • acne
  • weight gain

The table below shows how the selected products differ from each other:

Bacteria lactobacilli live inside the vagina. They help maintain vaginal pH levels below 4.5, which helps prevent bacterial and yeast infections.

According to a article 2016, lactobacilli also produce lactic acid, which helps prevent the growth of other types of bacteria.

People who are pH balanced may notice clear to white vaginal discharge that may appear yellow as it dries on their underwear. During ovulation, the discharge increases and may have a stretchy texture.

The following factors can upset the vaginal pH balance:

Learn more about vaginal pH balance.

Balanitis is the medical term for inflammation and irritation of the tip of the penis due to bacterial or fungal infection. The condition can cause the following symptoms:

A 2021 review notes that balanitis is a common condition affecting 3 to 11% of men. Possible causes include:

Probiotics are health promotion live bacteria and yeasts available as food supplements.

Probiotics can help restore the natural balance of bacteria throughout the body. This could help rebalance vaginal pH levels and fight vaginal infections.

A 2019 meta-analysis notes that probiotics can prevent bacteria associated with bacterial vaginosis (BV) from growing inside the vagina. However, more research is needed to confirm this effect.

According to American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, BV or yeast infections can occur due to a bacterial imbalance in the vagina. This imbalance is associated with an increase in vaginal pH levels which makes the vagina less acidic.

Some Symptoms That May Indicate a Vaginal Infection include:

  • rash or redness
  • itching or burning sensation
  • unusual vaginal discharge
  • unpleasant odor

People should see a doctor if they have persistent or worsening vaginal symptoms despite taking a probiotic supplement or other over-the-counter treatment.

A doctor can also check the vaginal pH level and determine if a person has an infection.

Some frequently asked questions about vaginal pH levels include:

How do I adjust my pH balance?

Some natural remedies that can help rebalance vaginal pH include:

  • Stop smoking: A article 2018 notes that a person who smokes may have reduced levels of lactobacillus in their vagina. This can increase their chances of experiencing unpleasant odors or infections.
  • Avoid douching: Douching involves cleaning the inside of the vagina with water and other liquids, such as vinegar and baking soda. This can increase the growth of harmful bacteria. If a person already has an infection, douching can spread the infection to the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes.
  • Use condoms: Semen is alkaline, so if it enters the vagina, it can cause an increase in vaginal pH.

How do you know if your pH balance is off?

A vaginal pH imbalance can cause the following symptoms:

  • unusual vaginal discharge
  • unpleasant odor
  • itching
  • redness or rash

Which vitamin is good for pH balance?

A older study from 2006 studied the effects of topical vitamin C on vaginal pH levels in women with high vaginal pH. They discovered that vitamin C can have a lasting effect in lowering vaginal pH.

What upsets a person’s pH balance?

The following factors can disrupt vaginal pH levels:

  • douching
  • not changing tampons regularly
  • having sex without a condom
  • take antibiotics

The vagina has a natural pH below 4.5, a slightly acidic environment that helps protect against bacterial and yeast infections.

A vaginal pH imbalance can occur due to douching, using vaginal wipes or deodorants, or having sex without a condom. Such imbalances can lead to vaginal infections, which can cause several symptoms, including vaginal irritation, unusual vaginal discharge, and unpleasant odor.

People with symptoms of vaginal infection may consider taking probiotics to help rebalance vaginal pH levels. These products are available for purchase online. Anyone who experiences persistent or worsening symptoms should speak with their doctor for a definitive diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


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