A businesswoman from Utah fakes a doctorate. sell health products


A FOX 13 News investigation found that a prominent Utah businesswoman misrepresented her credentials to sell health products, speeches and an anti-vax message across the United States.

Critics say Robyn Openshaw leveraged a PhD and her history as a “psychotherapist” to make money.

FOX 13 News found no trace of those credentials. When asked to explain the discrepancies, Openshaw declined the opportunity to verify their qualifications.

Openshaw’s best-known business is “Green Smoothie Girl”, where she sells “detox” programs and maintains hundreds of thousands of social media followers.

“I’m a former psychotherapist and college professor,” she says in a welcome video currently posted on the front page of her website. “I want every time you come here with me to be an experience where you learn something extraordinary.”

Even those who agree with Openshaw’s views on masks and vaccines told FOX 13 News they disapprove of Openshaw exaggerating its credentials to sell health products and ideas.

Adam Herbets discusses his Robyn Openshaw investigation with Max Roth below

In Depth: Max Roth and Adam Herbets discuss a Utah woman promoting a fake doctorate.

For several months, Openshaw has focused on organizing and promoting events in Florida where people come together to discuss their political and scientific beliefs about “medical freedom.”
His Take Action for Freedom website sells tickets for the “Save a Generation Tour.”

Openshaw, who lived in Park City, said she moved her “eight-figure business” to Florida due to her disapproval of COVID-19 restrictions implemented by cabal-controlled “Governor” Cox. Utah”.

Promotional videos for the event urge attendees to rise up against the “global coup” that is COVID-19.

Among other beliefs, Openshaw’s website promotes the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19 and endorses the theory of a “cover-up” of the “link between autism and vaccines.”

Some social media websites censored Openshaw’s posts.

To promote the speaking tour, Openshaw published flyers and emailed them to its subscriber list. The flyers advertised herself as a lecturer with a Ph.D.

According to Openshaw’s public Facebook page, she earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Utah.

The University of Utah confirmed that Openshaw has a master’s degree in social work, but does not have a doctorate. of the University.

FOX 13 News gave Openshaw the opportunity to correct the discrepancies.

“Do you have a doctorate? asked FOX 13 News investigative reporter Adam Herbets.

“Yes,” Openshaw replied.

“From where?” Herbets asked.

“The University of Utah,” Openshaw said.

“I called them, and they said they had no record of your doctorate, Herbets explained.

Openshaw insisted she “completed the coursework and (clinical) hours” needed to graduate.

“I just didn’t apply,” Openshaw said. “I did the 4,000 hours, but I didn’t apply.”

“So you’re saying you did all the work, but just didn’t graduate?” Herbets asked.

“Uh, that could be debated,” Openshaw replied.

But according to Openshaw’s own Facebook page, she “did not complete the 4,000 clinical hours” required to graduate.

The University of Utah said it could not confirm or deny whether Openshaw had ever been enrolled in a doctoral program, citing its educational privacy rights.

“We cannot comment on courses taken, only enrollment status and degrees earned,” said university spokesperson Shawn Wood.

During the FOX 13 News interview, Openshaw continued to tout his background as a psychologist.

“Over a quarter of a century ago, I was working at Utah State Hospital, when I had to get a flu shot and found myself injured and bedridden for four years” , she said.

The Utah Department of Social Services has confirmed that it has no record of Openshaw having ever worked as an employee at Utah State Hospital or any other state facility.

The Utah Occupational and Professional Licensing Division also confirmed that Openshaw had never been professionally licensed as a psychologist or therapist in Utah.

“Okay, well, I don’t know what to tell you,” Openshaw replied. “I mean, if I wanted to, and if I was home, I could show them to you…I haven’t worked as a therapist in many years, and I never say I do. “

Openshaw told FOX 13 News she would need “five days” to gather documents to confirm the validity of her credentials – “if (she) wanted to.”

Five days have passed, but Openshaw has not responded with additional information.

Instead, Openshaw blamed “the media” and “media lords” for “gaslighting” her.

The Utah Department of Human Resource Management has confirmed that it has no record of Openshaw ever being employed by the state.

“There are no discrepancies, just bad fact-checking and a lot of bad low-level employees who don’t really care about your agenda either,” Openshaw said. “I was a government employee then, and I was a government employee in many different places in Utah.”

A person who has known Openshaw for decades agreed to speak with FOX 13 News about Openshaw’s background and upbringing. They requested anonymity, spooked by loyal Openshaw supporters.

“She says that when she was in college she had a flu shot and was bedridden for four years because of the flu shot. Well, I knew her then and she never went to bed for four years,” the person said. “Now that I see she’s on this speaking tour and she says she has a PhD, I feel like she’s gone too far…She claims she was a clinical therapist for 10 years. To do that, she would have had to be fired.

Family members also told FOX 13 News that Openshaw had never been bedridden for four years.

Various law enforcement agencies in Florida have confirmed they have received complaints about Openshaw’s conduct and sales practices. Some police departments told FOX 13 News they would “continue to monitor the situation.”

“It’s not about old references that I have,” Openshaw said. “Everything I told you is true.”

“But you use those credentials to sell tickets, don’t you?” Herbets asked.

“No,” Openshaw said. “I’m not even the main speaker.”

“But it says Ph.D. on the flyer,” Herbets said.

“Mmhh. Yeah,” Openshaw replied.

“Honestly, I don’t think (consumers) really care,” Anonymous said. “I think they’re thrilled to have someone they consider brave to stand up for what they believe in… Whether they want to continue to follow her or watch her, that’s up to them. , but they should at least know… She’s worked for years nurturing those relationships and earning the respect of other PhDs behind their names. That’s what I hope – that they know that she’s a fraud.


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