Arkansas Colleges of Health Education purchases Fort Smith Golden Living facility


A Fort Smith medical school purchased the Golden Living offices for use as a biological research lab and wellness center.

The Arkansas Colleges of Health Education (ACHE) on Tuesday announced the purchase of the Golden Living facility in Fort Smith in what it says is a “quest to advance health education and research in Arkansas. and beyond”. Kyle D. Parker, CEO of ACHE, said the move would create the largest research institution of any osteopathic school in the country.

The Golden Living Company office building at 1000 Fianna Way, formerly known as the Beverly Healthcare offices, will be named the Health and Wellness Center of the Colleges Health Education Research Institute. ‘Arkansas. It was purchased last week, the ACHE announced on Tuesday.

“We are delighted to announce that we will be relocating our ACHE Biological Research Laboratory to this new location, upgrading its current 7,000 square foot space to a massive 120,000 square foot state-of-the-art research center,” Parker mentioned. “This new location will make us the largest research institution of any osteopathic school in the country. We will now have space to focus on other types of research. As such, we are creating the Health and Wellness Center which will focus on holistic health.

ACHE’s board of directors voted in favor of purchasing the facility, said John Taylor, Chairman of the Board of ACHE.

“We see this as another opportunity to advance ACHE’s mission of educating healthcare professionals; create health and research facilities; and improve the lives of others, ”Taylor said.

The building currently has one and a half occupied floors. The medical school hired Newmark Moses Tucker Partners, the second-largest property management company in the state of Arkansas, to manage the property. Newmark Moses Tucker Partners will handle all current and future leases.

Parker also recognized Golden Living for “Most Generous Donation of All Equipment and Furniture”.

Plans for the new ACHE building include renovations to the entire facility. ACHE’s current biological research laboratory will move to the new location as soon as the renovation is completed. The current research space is used by pre-clinical doctors, osteopathic doctors and physicians. This involves both wet lab and dry lab research.

“Serologic research has already started on the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine (ARCOM) campus as ARCOM researchers are actively involved in studies to help find a solution to COVID-19 antibody issues,” adds the press release.

Research director Talal El-Hefnawy, PhD, said the purchase shows ACHE has leadership at the national level.

“This colossal addition to our very impressive facilities and campus, and the dedication of a significant portion of the future building for research space will go beyond what many of us dreamed of. This extraordinary growth has been made possible through the right leadership and vision, ”said El-Hefnawy.

Thomas Yorio, PhD, was hired by ACHE as a research consultant to help design the new research space. Yorio is Provost Emeritus, Professor of Pharmacology and Neuroscience, and Fellow of the North Texas Eye Research Institute at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

“Dr. Yorio is one of the most respected people in the field of medical education in osteopathy, having been involved in it for about 40 years,” said Brian Kim, president of ACHE. “To plan a research institute first-rate, we have retained the services of a renowned and internationally renowned consultant. “

Yorio said Arkansas Colleges of Health Education’s purchase of this new building in Fort Smith will have a major impact on community health, wellness and innovation in medical research.

“Plans to add state-of-the-art research facilities and clinics within the same complex will move research from the bench to the bedside. Besides the huge effect this will have on the well-being of the people of Fort Smith, it will also add a substantial economic impact, ”said Yorio. “What an exciting time for ACHE and the community. “

Parker explained his plans for more holistic health research: “The key for me is to view education as one of the essential components of holistic health care. There is no doubt that the visual and performing arts help reduce stress. Our internal research has shown us that the introduction of art plays an important role in reducing stress levels for our students and, therefore, can do the same for our community. We will continue to partner with art-related entities and focus on art throughout our program. “

McClain promoted to director of wellness

Parker plans to promote Elizabeth McClain, PhD, from vice president and vice president of academic affairs to chief welfare.

“Dr. McClain will change his role to take on the responsibility of working with churches, school districts, government agencies, hospitals, community business leaders, colleges and universities, courts and 501c (3) agencies” Parker explained. “With space constraints not being an issue, we have the ability to alter the results. We will have all the tools to work with our community to transform health and wellness.”

McClain developed the collaborative vision.

“We are transforming health and wellness education using a holistic, community-engaged approach. This approach is guided by eight areas of well-being, including emotional, environmental, social, professional, financial, spiritual, intellectual and physical. This approach is integrated with evidence-based models that address the social determinants of health, access to care, the physical environment, health-related behaviors, ”said McClain. “Positive change always starts with an idea that transforms actions. I was so impressed with the community’s drive to improve the well-being of our residents. I can’t wait to see the impact we can have by working together. Our first step will be to identify the key players to guide our holistic wellness program. “

The purchase includes 63 acres of land.

“We are happy that the property is zoned for C-3 which allows for mixed use. We plan to create facilities that will support the ACHE Research Institute’s health and wellness center, ”Parker said. “I intend to work with the City of Fort Smith to bring the trail system to the gates of this facility, as well as to take advantage of the mountain biking trails that are already located on this property.

Comments from city leaders

Carl Geffken, City of Fort Smith Administrator, commented, “The City of Fort Smith is excited about the expansion of ACHE. It will be a world-class research institute and pave the way for the transformation of concepts of health and wellness, right here in our city. ACHE’s mission and Kyle Parker’s strategic vision and leadership have proven Fort Smith to be one of the best places in the country for cutting-edge work. We support the growth of ACHE and congratulate them on their continued success!

Fort Smith Mayor George McGill said of the transaction: “I am continually impressed with the next level innovation taking place at ACHE. Their latest groundbreaking effort will put our community at the forefront of health, wellness and medical research. As mayor, you have vowed that I will do everything possible to support, encourage and promote this incredibly beneficial development. This new project is undoubtedly a leap forward for Fort Smith. “

Parker concluded, “We have reached the tipping point in the United States when it comes to physician shortages. If we can start teaching children from an early age on how to eat well, exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle, we can change the culture and help reduce many health problems like heart disease, obesity and diabetes. We are attacking the problem of health care from both sides – by providing doctors and providing resources that are changing lives in our community, our state and our nation. “

Golden living building

Golden Living’s 318,000 square foot building at 1000 Fianna Way was put on the market for sale or lease in April 2018. There were around 400 employees in the company’s administrative offices at that time, up from around 900. a few years earlier. The company’s headquarters moved to Plano, Texas, in 2011 based on regional office travel costs and rents, according to former CEO Dr. Neil Kurtz in a Times Record article from March 2011.


Arkansas Colleges of Health Education (ACHE) is a private, non-profit institution located on 430 acres in Fort Smith. ACHE’s first college, the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine (ARCOM), is set to graduate its first class of 150 osteopathic medicine students in May 2021. ACHE has opened its second building, a 66,000 square foot facility which will house developing programs: the School of Physiotherapy, School of Occupational Therapy and Medical Assistant Studies. ACHE is the first and only private institution in Arkansas dedicated solely to health care and wellness. For more information about the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education and our programs, visit


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