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Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq said his administration’s investments in basic education and health, rural development and workers’ welfare will continue uninterrupted over the course of for fiscal year 2022.

“These priorities, among others, will form the basis for the allocation of resources in the new fiscal year. These are clearly spelled out in the strategic budget statement that has been developed to guide resource allocation and 2022 budget preparation procedures, ”AbdulRazaq said at the budget policy leadership meeting in Ilorin on Tuesday.

The meeting brought together members of the House of Assembly led by Vice President Raphael Adetiba, cabinet members, government officials and bureaucrats from all state ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs).

Represented by Deputy Governor Kayode Alabi, the governor revealed that the administration will focus, in 2022, on completing ongoing infrastructure projects and launching new ones.

He said, “These include the innovation center, the visual arts center, the garment production factory, the two campuses of Kwara State University in Osi and Ilesha Baruba; the 33 km Ilesha – Baruba – Gwanara road; cottage industries and a few others.

“Attention will be focused on industrialization and broadening the economic base and state revenues through investments and support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These huge investments in SMEs, as they will be made in the new fiscal year, will create thousands of jobs, widen the tax net and reduce poverty. These will ultimately lead to economic diversification.

AbdulRazaq added that the allocations to various MDAs in the budget would be strictly guided by the strategic policies of the Kwara State Sustainable Development and Implementation Plan (KW-ESDP) 2021-2024 – a new document which according to the governor, contained short-term development strategies of the administration.

Adetiba urged MDAs to ensure their budget lines are verifiable and inclusive in nature, saying the legislature will continue to work with the executive for the good of the people.

According to him, the Assembly, which appreciates the good work of the administration, will at all times be aware of its duty while cooperating with the executive.

For her part, Finance Commissioner Florence Oyeyemi said the program was organized to strengthen budget preparation and boost inclusive growth in accordance with the constitution.

“In accordance with certain sections of the 1999 Constitution, it is necessary to be properly guided on the orientations of budgetary and monetary policy for the preparation of a realistic 2022 budget. A carefully prepared budget will set out government policies aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens through the promotion of economic growth, development and job creation, ”she said.


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