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(Press release) – The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation-Community Guidance Center certified seven additional individuals from the community on August 25, 2021 in Mental Health First Aid for Adults or MHFA, and 12 additional individuals from the CNMI public school system and CHCC-CGC on September 16, 2021 in PSSM youth.

This calendar year, CGC completed 11 PSSM trainings, certifying 115 people. Since the training initiative began in 2015, CGC has certified 1,122 people. Of these individuals, 1,103 were certified at CNMI, 11 in Palau and eight in Guam. CNMI’s certified individuals served as a ready resource to the community to address behavioral health issues in a timely manner, preventing serious harm to residents.

Since January 2021, the CGC’s Care and Healthy Transitions System has responded to 137 requests for service from partner organizations, stakeholder groups and community members.

The MHFA is an evidence-based public education program that emphasizes recognizing patterns of thoughts, feelings, behaviors and appearances that show there might be a mental health problem or of drug addiction. Individuals learn to identify and safely and responsibly treat warning signs and symptoms through the use of an action plan. Part of the training also includes topics on suicide, non-suicidal self-harm, and psychosis.

The next scheduled public training for Adult Mental Health First Aid is October 2021, and for Youth Mental Health First Aid November 2021 on Rota.

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