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As schools reopened on Monday January 10, the Ministry of Health issued new guidelines to be followed by schools in accordance with the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The announcement follows the reopening of the second quarter of the school year for primary, secondary and TVET schools from January 10.

“Parents are encouraged to have their children tested for Covid-19 if they are five years and older using a rapid test,” reads the statement signed by Minister of Health Dr Daniel Nganije.

Adding that whenever the school asks the student to test for Covid-19, administrators are asked to allow parents to test their children using the rapid test.

The ministry also reminded parents and educators to continue to monitor measures to prevent Covid-19 everywhere.

All students with symptoms of Covid-19 are urged not to go to school, but rather to stay home and be treated until they recover.

Schools speak out

In an interview with New times, GS Gaseke director in Gicumbi district Theogene Harerimana said that they have taken different measures such as installing hand washing facilities, enforcing the proper wearing of masks and other measures, including social distancing.

He added that all students aged 12 and over, teachers and all other staff are encouraged to be vaccinated and have already prepared isolation rooms separately for boys and girls just in case. there would be a

“We also recommend that parents avail themselves of and donate all the necessary materials and equipment to their children so that each one uses their own to avoid sharing and prevent the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

Julius Kaboyo, the dean of the students of Agahozo Shalom Youth Village said they were ready and ready to welcome the students and do everything possible to ensure their safety.

“Our first concern when students return is their health (both physical and mental). Besides the known SOPs provided by the Ministry of Health and the Rwanda Biomedical Center, we test all staff before entering the village, ”he said.

Kaboya added that they have also put in place surveillance measures to check for signs and symptoms and work with Rwamagana command post and Rubona health center to test and manage positive cases.

“We have also set aside houses equipped with PPE for isolation and home care in the event of positive cases. In addition, the Ministry of Health and Welfare is organizing workshops for all staff on the transmission and prevention of COVID-19, ”he added.

In order to comply with the Covid-19 guidelines, all students take the buses made available to them from their respective pick-up points and not the bus stations, with the students of the city of Kigali to board their buses from the Kigali stadium to Nyamirambo.


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