Digital health products are gaining momentum in the benefits space


The world has seen many advances in the rise of digital health products in the benefit arena, leading to a recent revolution that has contributed first-hand to better health outcomes for benefit participants.

These digital tools have enormous potential to enhance and enhance the delivery of health care for the individual. With the rise of digital benefits, we have also seen an increase in consumer interest and buying power across all age groups when it comes to digital health benefits. Therefore, we anticipate that opportunities in digital health will continue to grow over time in many markets and evolve to meet consumer needs and preferences.

The health benefits of digital have been widely accepted by consumers as these solutions better meet consumer needs, which explains the recent unprecedented growth of these digital services over the past year. There are many reasons why digital wellbeing is becoming more mainstream, and it’s a trend that will soon become the norm.

One of the main reasons for the rise of digital health services is that they are much easier to access. The digital plans are designed to connect plan members to the resources they need as quickly and simply as possible, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This has greatly improved the lines of communication between healthcare providers and clients. . Technology has made these lines of communication even more efficient, with the ease of products such as virtual assistants and live agents to answer questions in real time and provide support and clarification, allowing attendees to receive more assistance. faster and better.

Digital plans can be accessed regardless of a participant’s location, providing better coverage for people who live in small towns or villages and have not been able to enjoy higher quality care in the past due to of their location. Since these services are easily accessible to a much wider range of people, they become more profitable. These types of plans offer personalized experiences tailored to each individual’s plan benefits.


Digital health benefits have proven to be much more cost effective for both plan providers and benefit participants, delivering more value and savings. Some digital plans have even gotten rid of the typical co-pay and offer a higher quality of service with no extra charges or surprises, which is great for the more cost-conscious. There has been a strong trend among older people to use these digital platforms more and more frequently. Digital platforms have been very successful in optimizing systems as part of a broader effort to reduce human error, improve patient outcomes and reduce costs through web and mobile experiences.

With technology taking over the healthcare field, the rise of digital plans has supported a trend for more information to live online and be completely paperless. Every part of the plan is saved in an online portal so participants don’t have to keep track of brochures and clutter. Everything is accessible through a website and the exact services offered by the plan are clear. Many digital plans offer both enrollment and transactions to be completed exclusively online, including finding benefit information, application status, and network information.

Many believe that scanning a home healthcare ID card will soon be as common as scanning a boarding pass from a phone. These digital plans are much better for the environment and help reduce environmental impact, which is an ideal first step in making a business more sustainable and environmentally friendly. A paperless process is also an easy way to show a company’s concern for the environment. Going paperless also reduces the chaos of a million brochures lying around and the real fear of losing something, and helps eliminate mistakes.

Increased transparency always leads to higher participant satisfaction, which is another reason digital employee benefit plans are becoming more popular. With a digital system, it is easier for participants to understand how their benefits are applied. This leads to participants being much more satisfied with the services they receive. With a digital system, benefits are clearly administered in real time, unlike the old system where participants were forced to wait weeks for application submission and decision.

Although we have seen an acceleration of digital health plans recently, this is a trend that will continue to grow and become mainstream in the near future. While adopting digital plans is important, the most vital attitude in any health coverage is to find a plan that is simple and that consumers can understand. When looking for a benefits plan that best suits your needs, always make sure you know and fully understand what your plan offers and how it compares to other plans. Make sure you choose a company that gives you the right service and tools, and a plan that puts your needs first.

Terry Ward is senior vice president of sales for United Vision Plan. He can be contacted at [email protected].

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