‘educating girls to prevent child marriage and health problems’ | Jaipur News

Jaipur: Experts have expressed concern about the health of rural girls as there is a clear and obvious link between their educational status and their state of well-being. Many girls get married at an early age resulting in early pregnancies due to which many health problems occur and in some cases deaths occur.
The state government discourages early pregnancy and also encourages girls to maintain the gap between two children. However, it is unfortunate that girls in rural areas still lag behind boys in access to education due to many social and cultural inhibitions.
Organizations working in Rajasthan have expressed the need for more girls to attend schools regularly. Ashish Mukherjee, Project Manager (Udaan), IPE Global said, “In rural Rajasthan, for example, investing in a girl’s education is considered wasteful because they have to be married off. Their schooling is usually interrupted due to financial or social pressures.
He added: “Early marriage seems to be the inevitable fate of these girls, which impacts their reproductive health and condemns them to a life devoid of economic opportunities and any semblance of personal growth.

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