Elections in Kosovo: education, health, environment and rights



The AAK-PSD alliance promises a control process in all public universities to eliminate professors suspected of plagiarism; it will offer free undergraduate education, free school meals and ensure that every city has at least two kindergartens.

They plan to replace textbooks written in Albanian with those translated into other languages.

The NISMA-AKR-PD coalition promises to reassess and test teachers within two years of taking office. NISMA MP candidate Albulena Balaj-Halimaj told Kallxo.com she would provide 2-3 kindergartens per city. Critics point out that NISMA held the education portfolio in the outgoing government and, according to them, did not do much with it.

Vetevendosje says this will improve conditions in educational institutions, modernize curricula and introduce error-free textbooks. It also promises a vast apprenticeship program and 1,000 scholarships for girls to boost school attendance and employment for women.

Like AAK-PSD, Vetevendosje says undergraduate studies should be free. Vetevendosje official Liburn Aliu told BIRN that the party will place special emphasis on equality in education and improving access for Roma, Egyptian and Ashkali communities.

LDK promises to increase the capacity of preschool education tenfold and better align undergraduate education with the needs of the labor market.

Recalling the role of the party in creating a parallel system of underground education during a decade of Serbian repression in the 1990s, Vjosa Osmani of LDK told the political talk show Debat Pernime: “For ten years, LDK organized the education of our children by turning education into the backbone of resistance, survival and national pride.

The PDK, which has dominated the Kosovo government since independence in 2008, promises to improve curricula, increase control and supervision of educational standards, and introduce basic computer classes in elementary schools. MP candidate Muzafer Shala told Klan Kosova TV that the party had “created the infrastructure, now we are aiming to increase the quality”.


The AAK-PSD has announced that it will continue construction of the new Kosova e Re coal-fired power plant, which has been defended by Haradinaj but criticized by environmental groups.
Haradinaj has vowed to crack down on illegal hydropower plants, despite their continued proliferation during his tenure. The coalition also promises free health care and the creation of a health database.

NISMA-AKR-PD also said it will continue with Kosova e Re but adjust the project to address environmental and health concerns. The coalition spoke of the need to protect the environment, but without any specifics. He promises to introduce insurance into the health system in the first year of taking power.

Vetevendosje says he will invest in the sewage system, fight deforestation and spend money on Kosovo’s national parks. Aliu told BIRN that the party would introduce “strict monitoring of the safety of lakes, water mills, and atmospheric and industrial wastewater treatment” and monitor drinking water pollution from unfinished repairs.

Regarding health, the party promises to ensure health insurance for all by 2023 and to create a health database within two years followed by a list of approved and available drugs. Vetevendosje says he will increase healthcare system spending by 30 million euros with a focus on oncology and gynecology.

Aliu pledged “a new policy on the use of plastics … starting with the restriction on the disposal of plastic bags,” telling BIRN: “We will first take steps to timely inform the manufacturing industry light from Kosovo. Special plastic waste recycling and treatment plants will follow the closure of the landfills.

LDK is committed to investing and revitalizing the forests of Kosovo. The party says it will improve sewage systems and introduce a national strategy for drinking water, prioritizing the municipalities of Gjilan / Gnjilane and Gjakova / Djakovica. LDK also announced that it will close landfills and create a national health insurance fund within a year.

PDK says it is committed to protecting the environment, reducing pollution and deforestation, and improving urban planning. The party says it supports tax cuts for modern green technologies and increasing the tax burden on polluters, but will continue with the construction of Kosova e Re. PDK says it will devote more resources to a strategy national health. Critics argue that PDK held the health portfolio in the outgoing government and did little to improve the health system.


The question of human rights divides politicians in Kosovo, even from the same parties, and an issue that many prefer to avoid.

AAK-PSD MP candidate Bajram Hasani, for example, told Kallxo.com he was opposed to same-sex marriage, while coalition candidate for prime minister Fatmir Limaj said the LGBTQ + community ” must have the right to express themselves. . “

Asked about the same question, Aliu told BIRN that Vetevendosje “will not hesitate” to ensure respect for human rights for all.

Asked about the protection of journalists, in a country where media professionals are frequently threatened, Aliu said Vetevendosje promises to control the justice, security and intelligence bodies in Kosovo. “We guarantee that a Kurti government will end threats against media workers and will not allow anyone to work without a contract, payment or insurance.”

A labor tribunal and an increase in labor inspections would also help, Aliu said.


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