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1 hour ago

If you’re new to makeup, you’ve probably tried applying foundation all over your face, making sure it covers every square inch. Even if we don’t say it’s wrong, you’ll agree that a perfectly smooth look makes a lot of difference. Insert a magic trick; contouring. If you look closely at your …

1 hour ago

Think luxury, think Zashadu, one of the leading luxury handbag companies in Nigeria. Behind the scenes of the famous Zashadu is Zainab Ashadu, the founder and creative director of Zashadu. With influences from architecture, art conservation and fashion styling, she used her knowledge to make bags whose design was inspired by the Glenfiddich Filigree. The life of a guardian …

2 hours ago

It doesn’t take long before we know that the values ​​of Dr Busola Tejumola and who she is today were shaped by the teachings of her family. Born into a family of an educator grandmother and her parents, themselves passionate about education, the life lessons that were instilled in her have now shaped her vision of the world and the way she reacts to …

3 hours ago

Thomas Mueller has said his Bayern Munich teammate Robert Lewandowski is due to receive the Ballon d’Or trophy when the winner is announced on Monday.

3 hours ago

The federal government’s renewed drive to launch the controversial national carrier, Nigeria Air, next year has raised concerns in the industry, in a way that calls into question both the feasibility and the intention of the high capital enterprise.


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