Focus on Education and Health Issues: Minister Tells Acting Governor of Aceh


Really focus on education and health programs, so that the people of Aceh have educated, well-trained, skilled and healthy human resources

Banda Aceh, Aceh (ANTARA) – Interior Minister Tito Karnavian has asked Aceh Acting Governor Achmad Marzuki to prioritize several programs ranging from education to health and management of COVID-19.

“Really focus on education and health programs, so that the people of Aceh have educated, well-trained, skilled and healthy human resources,” the minister said during the governor’s swearing-in acting Aceh official, Achmad Marzuki, at the Banda Aceh office on Wednesday.

As the central government’s representative in Aceh, Marzuki had to organize programs in line with national, provincial and regional development plans, he said.

The Acting Governor must be able to develop positive relationships with all stakeholders, such as the Nanggroe Aceh Guardian, Sharia Court, Aceh Regional House of Representatives, Regional Leadership Coordination Forum, important cultural and religious figures, young people and women.

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He also reminded Marzuki to prioritize dealing with the issues of COVID-19, which had yet to stop despite its steadily declining rate.

“Post-pandemic economic recovery; implementing effective, efficient and targeted spending; encouraging MSMEs using domestic products; reducing poverty rate; and so on, he explained. .

The minister noted that Aceh province is rich in natural resources, although the most important aspect was to improve its human resources to produce a creative and innovative generation, so that natural resources can be well managed, which which would then offer tangible benefits to its population. .

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Marzuki could benefit from his position as a bureaucrat, as he could be a neutral entity since he does not belong to any political party, the minister said. This position allowed him to build strong relationships with everyone, be it the political parties or the regional leaders of Aceh, who were supported by the political parties.

His experience as Commander of the Iskandar Muda Regional Military Command also provided him with in-depth knowledge and experience regarding Aceh, so that he could decide on the best policy and measure to solve the problems in this region.

“Let us keep the situation conducive and secure, and (pray) for the favorable situation to last, because security stability is one of the (keys) to ensure development in Aceh,” the minister concluded.

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