Forum: Barriers to creating strong family bonds also lead to health problems for parents


It is good news to hear that the government will continue to promote a Singapore made for families, with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong saying that strong families are the foundation of our society (PM: S’pore will continue to build support family, June 5).

There are some barriers to achieving this goal that also contribute to health problems in the community.

Take the need to spend time with family. Adults should have enough time to interact with their children and spouse, and focus on raising children with the right values ​​which, in turn, would benefit society as a whole.

It takes time, and it is through interaction that values ​​are passed on and character develops.

However, many young parents among my patients complain of long working hours with little time for family and exercise.

Some even told me that they would rather have more time off than pay raises. Many have lamented that there is no way out as their work and responsibilities require commitment and if they step down it would likely end their chances of promotion.

Related to this issue, I see many patients suffering from severe migraine, insomnia, anxiety, palpitations and gastritis – all related to work stress as well as lack of lifestyle issues. healthy, accompanied by family problems.

With both parents working long hours, there is little time left for the children. With a lack of guidance, discipline issues emerge, and I see more cases of video game addiction, pornography addiction, synthetic drug addiction, vaping, and smoking among young people.

During consultations, I often meet young people who show rudeness and disrespect towards their parents even in my presence.

Parents cannot expect schools to take responsibility for exercising discipline and instilling good values ​​in their children. Schools can supplement and supplement the role of parents, but should not be expected to substitute for them.

Parents who have little time for their children often shower them with gifts and also tend to place much more emphasis on academic results and achievements.

But education (simply getting good results) is not the final answer. The formation of character and good values ​​requires certain indispensable factors, among which are quality time, good positive examples, the transmission of important values ​​and the willingness to accept oneself in a spirit of love and humility.

Quek Koh Choon (Dr)


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