Frederick invests ARPA funds to improve public health, education and housing – Conduit Street


On Thursday, Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner announced four initiatives that will be funded through a portion of Frederick County’s $50.4 million American Rescue Plan Act allocation.

“The funded programs will help raise our families and support the long-term health and well-being of our community,” Executive Gardner said. “These one-time funds allow Frederick County to respond to the health pandemic, recover from its educational and economic impacts, and lift us higher as we move forward.”

According to a county press release:

These initiatives will reduce disparities in health and education outcomes in the community. The City of Frederick Housing Authority will receive $400,000 over four years to provide accelerated college programs for public housing students. The Frederick County Health Care Coalition will receive up to $300,000 in funds this year to address diabetes, which was recently identified as a top priority in the local health improvement plan. Nutrition programs offered by the Division of Elder Services of Frederick County will receive $160,000 to support the delivery of food to vulnerable seniors. A $250,000 grant will help seniors, veterans and people with disabilities stay in their homes through Habitat for Humanity’s home repair program.

Learn more about Frederick County’s ARPA allowance.
Read the full press release.


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