IIT Jodhpur launches startup competition, sparks ideas in health and environment


The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Jodhpur has created a platform to encourage its professors and researchers to pursue innovative and disruptive ideas related to health, social, economic and environmental issues. Called “Moonshot Competition”, the idea is to develop projects that can eventually lead to large-scale solutions to improve these areas, explains the institute.

Faculty members were to present their ideas through a pre-recorded video pitch. “The main objective of the competition is to foster a moon culture and forward-looking mindset within the institute, leading to transformational technologies and effective interventions to address the challenges and challenges. aspirations of society, ”said Professor Santanu Chaudhury, Director of IIT Jodhpur.

“With such an initiative, the institute aspires to spur new research initiatives to foster creativity and team building while tackling pressing issues and paving the way for a sustainable future,” said the IIT Jodhpur.

Some of the solution-oriented ideas selected for the competition include Professor Debanjan Guha Roy’s idea of ​​harvesting a microwave-assisted asteroid rock to spray and an electrostatic separator linked to space, microwaves waves. “The international community has gradually begun to accept the idea of ​​deep space exploration, human settlement in space and the generation of resources from celestial bodies. In recent years, many governments and space agencies have invested in developing technologies and formulating regulatory frameworks for this purpose. India is in a unique position to leverage its space expertise to initiate exploration for resources on the Moon and asteroids. We need strong support from industry and government to be a leader in this area, ”said Professor Roy.

Professor Sumit Kalra shared an idea about the independent personal digital twin linked to AI, saying it is “the next big revolution after the Internet and AI that has the potential to impact our society at all levels. Intervention can result in highly optimized decision making and task execution.

Professor Sankalp Pratap, Professor Romi, Professor GV Reddy and Professor Dibyadyuti Roy shared their creative idea on BRBL – to create countless ‘Birbals’ through technological intervention in AI-related education. “It aims to work on the stated ideals of NEP 2020, providing high-quality nuanced contributions to children from all walks of life using innovative technology,” explained Professor Pratap.

“Some of the proposals have the potential to be launched as a research project and subsequently commercial viability will be attainable,” added IIT Jodhpur.

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