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PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nobu Trading’s popular health product lines for babies, children and adults will debut in America this month as part of the “Vitamins, Diet Management” program. weight and sports nutrition” of the ECRM.

ECRM, the retail industry’s version of speed dating, brings shoppers and brands with new products together for one-on-one private meetings. Buyers attending the ECRM event represent regional and national mass food, drug and healthcare chains.

“We look forward to educating retail buyers from large and small chains in the United States about our leading healthcare products, such as Athomer and Dr. Kontos,” said Norbert Bujtas, Founder and CEO of Nobu Trading. “Most of our products are also suitable for adults with respiratory problems.”

Bujtas said another product, Incarvexx Essential Nasal Spray, is the future of nasal sprays.

“It’s a gentle, natural seawater spray with molecular iodine and fulvic acid,” Bujtas said, adding that Incarvexx is set to be a “game changer” in the beauty industry. health. “We will launch this revolutionary product this year in the US, UK and Europe.”

Nobu Trading products set to debut at ECRM include:

  • Dr. Kontos’ Essential Drops product line includes organic essential iodine drops that have a unique formula that should boost the immune system, support thyroid function, and help every organ in the body.
  • Dr. Kontos Incarvexx Essential Nasal Spray, an award-winning antiviral nasal spray to be used for virus prevention, was developed by scientists.
  • Athomer Sea Water Nasal Spray with Propolis is a gentle and natural nasal spray for adults and children. The presence of propolis with soothing, emollient and antiseptic properties promotes the health of the nasal mucosa.
  • Athomer Nasal Spray Sea Water Moisturizing and Care is suitable for newborns and adults. The spray moisturizes the nose and helps relieve nasal dryness.
  • Nobu Baby’s Benny Nasal Aspirator, developed by ENT specialists, is the closest thing to hospital grade aspirators. It is fast, safe and suitable for babies from birth.

“Our products are expected to greatly improve the quality of life for many people,” Bujtas said, adding that Nobu was recently recognized as the 2020 “Leading Innovators in Nasal Medical Products” in the UK.

Nobu Trading uses only premium recycled materials for packaging, and the supplements are gluten-free and vegan.

“We are excited to introduce our products to major retailers in the United States this month,” he added. “If they’re looking for high quality, innovative products that will help people, they won’t be disappointed with the Essential by Dr. Kontos. Incarvexx drops and nasal spray, Athomer nasal sprays and Nobu Baby aspirators.

For more information, visit and The Dr. Kontos Incarvexx Essential Nasal Spray website will be live next week.

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