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United Health Products Improves Operations with InstantGMP ™ PRO All-in-One Manufacturing Software and Learning Management System

CARY, North Carolina, October 26, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – InstantGMP ™, innovators of the all-in-one manufacturing and quality system, is now proud to include United health products among his valued customers. The Nevadamedical technology company has enlisted both InstantGMP ™ PRO software and Learning management system (LMS) to advance their manufacturing process and training programs.

Founded in 1997, United Health Products manufactures and distributes HemoStyp, a patented hemostatic gauze used in the medical, dental and veterinary industries. This revolutionary biocompatible (tissue compatible) gauze produces hemostasis within seconds of application to an open wound or cut. This allows the gauze to more effectively absorb emissions or drainage from a wound or cut to reduce bleeding. HemoStyp, an all-natural herbal product, registered by the FDA, does not contain any harmful chemicals or additives.

“United Health Products is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs across multiple healthcare sectors,” said Lou schiliro, COO, United Health Products. “We are also committed to improving our own procedures and processes. This is why we have chosen to invest in InstantGMP PRO software and Learning management system. With these tools, not only can we improve the efficiency and accuracy of our manufacturing processes, but we can also save time and expense when onboarding new employees and training our teams. “

With the InstantGMP ™ PRO all-in-one manufacturing and quality system, United Health Products is able to gain greater control over every step of their production workflows. From the simplified creation of production sheets (MPR) and batch production sheets to inventory control and document management, including equipment maintenance planning, this state-of-the-art software solution guarantees product quality, full traceability and full compliance with all FDA and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements. .

At the same time, InstantGMP Learning management system (LMS) enables United Health Products to improve its onboarding process and training programs. Developed in partnership with, A leader in cloud-based training platforms, the LMS maximizes onboarding and training experiences while minimizing associated time and expense.

Using the LMS, managers can schedule and assign training courses to specific employees. This not only ensures that every team member is up to date with the latest procedures, but also confirms compliance with all FDA and GMP guidelines. The LMS tracks training progress, records completed courses in the training log, and uploads all certifications directly to the team member’s personal file.

“Developing software that solves the manufacturing and training challenges of United Health Products is extremely rewarding,” said Dr. Richard soltero, President of InstantGMP. “With these two InstantGMP products, United Health Products can now successfully increase the productivity of its manufacturing, integration and training operations.
InstantGMP ™ is delighted to welcome United Health Products as a new customer. We look forward to playing a role in their continued success in the medical technology manufacturing industry. “

To learn more about InstantGMP ™ PRO software and Learning Management System, please contact us today for a live demonstration.

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Founded by a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry Dr. Richard soltero, InstantGMP, Inc., offers affordable all-in-one manufacturing and quality software. The company develops cloud-based electronic batch recording software and industry-specific standard operating procedures that are required to follow FDA manufacturing regulations and good manufacturing practices (“GMP”).

As a publisher of manufacturing software, InstantGMP ™ has pioneered accessibility and ease of use. electronic batch recording software for products manufactured under GMP. The company’s updated software streamlines quality process documentation and approval procedures that keep all quality documentation organized in electronic format while enabling quality controls and workflow processes to facilitate compliance to FDA requirements.

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