‘Kevin Garnett would feed off players with ‘mental health’ issues: Former Wizards All-Star slams today’s athletes who have an easier way of not showing up


Players of this generation would find it difficult to face the previous ones because of this thing that Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, etc. can better explain.

Mental health has been one of the biggest issues in the world for much of the past decade. The fight against this was a movement, where people started to come forward and talk about their years-long struggles.

Most people have had their stories heard by their loved ones, but many have felt it their duty to let the world know about their struggles so others who suffer from them know they are not alone.

Star athletes like Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Roger Federeretc have joined celebrities around the world to tell their part after having had such a long career, even as goats of their trade.

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Being the best in some top sport in the world hasn’t helped them struggle. But before, there were athletes who had seen so much worse in their childhood that those struggles after making it big seemed small to them, and they fed on the weakness of others.

Gilbert Arenas thinks Kevin Garnett and his ilk would feed off the mental health issues of today’s players

Garnett is mischievously famous for having one of the most unstoppable mouths, even more so than his brilliant acting. The 6’11 Celtics legend has never backed down from a challenge since entering the league in 1995 as a high school player.

Imagine The Big Ticket playing Ben Simmons this season. The 6’11 point guard cited sanity last year and sat out until his wish was granted when the Sixers traded him to the Nets in February. He still hasn’t even played for the Nets, but gave a reason his back hurt.

Kevin would have eaten players like those living on the field, and a former Wizards star who played extensively against KG of the Timberwolves, as well as the Celtics, will tell you exactly how and why.

As outrageously absurd as most recent claims have been, much like his career, Arenas is pretty much right about it. None of Garnett, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan would forget to feed on you if you had a known weakness.

And Gary Payton’s back-and-forth history with Lamar Odom involving his mother’s death further explains that the league isn’t even half as tough as it used to be. Not in terms of the game, and not in terms of sanity, of course.

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