Make all health and education services available online: Ajay Prakash Sawhney, CSC IT Secretary


The government-promoted CSC SPV is expected to provide all health and education related services available online in the country through its franchisees across India, a senior ministry official said on Thursday. Electronics and Computing.

The Electronics Department and IT Secretary Ajay Prakash Sawhney at a CSC event said the government wanted to bring all services for citizens online through platforms like Umang App and Digilocker.

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“In the next few days, I think it will be possible to provide all kinds of services through the Umang app and Digilocker.

“In the next few days you will be able to keep a medical record in Digilocker. The CSC should be the first to speed up all services that become available on new platforms in India,” Sawhney said.

The day before, the common service center launched a series of new services, including CSCPay and the “CSC Health Services Helpdesk” based on the Whstapp chatbot, which people can scan to pay for services at common service centers.

“CSCPay is a pure UPI based application developed by CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd. The application provides a safe, secure and convenient solution for cashless transactions to everyone across the country.

“CSCPay will integrate around four lakh VLE (village level entrepreneurs) as traders under the UPI,” said CSC SPV general manager Dinesh Tyagi.

CSC SPV has launched a dedicated WhatsApp hotline called “CSC Health Services Helpdesk” to provide free teleconsultation solutions to people, including in rural and remote areas of India.

Helpdesk on WhatsApp makes it easy for people to request help from the administration, see doctors, access a wide range of COVID-19-related resources, and answer their questions.

Sawhney said that in the next few days people will get their health records from Digilocker and use it to see doctors at any hospital they visit.

“The CSC telehealth consultation has played an important role in the delivery of primary health care services at the local level. We are confident that an extension of this on WhatsApp will be our next level to ensure that primary health care services are available to the most remote population in our country, ”Tyagi said.

At the event, CSC SPV signed a memorandum of understanding with RailTel to leverage each other’s strength to increase broadband penetration in rural and semi-urban areas to bridge the digital divide.

CSC also signed an agreement with fertilizer company IFFCO to bring environmental economic change to rural India through nanourea and specialty fertilizers.

The Vodafone India Foundation and the Learning Link Foundation have joined CSC in their digital and financial literacy project by providing eight mobile vans which will be deployed in eight districts.

A similar contribution was made by Dell Technologies for CSC Academy to deliver six mobile vans in six districts with the aim of delivering skills classes, financial literacy, digital literacy and other citizen-centric services via vans. mobile.


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