MAP seeks to address crisis in health, education and food


The Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) yesterday submitted eight policy recommendations to the Marcos administration, addressing controversial issues that have led to what it calls an education, health and food crisis .

The group said policy and program support and public investment must prioritize the country’s people and land.

To deal with the education crisis, MAP proposes the return to full face-to-face education in all schools located in non-risk areas.

To make quality healthcare accessible, MAP proposes the overhaul of the leadership and management of Philippine Health Insurance Corp., including investment in technology-based management systems and private outsourcing of certain functions .

Regarding agriculture, the MAP pushes for the consolidation of farms while declaring the completion of the agrarian reform and lifting the ceilings of land ownership on agricultural land.

Other recommendations include: ensuring a business and industry policy environment that promotes level competition, reduces the costs of doing business and encourages innovation that improves productivity; sustain the achievements of the Build, Build, Build program by giving priority to infrastructures of the highest strategic importance, and resume the active pursuit of public-private partnerships in the development of infrastructures; labor market and employment policies that allow for flexibility; fiscal and financial policies support business enterprises, especially micro, small and medium enterprises, to promote wider job creation and; justice and the rule of law must always be respected if business confidence is to be maintained. – Irma Issip


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