Mauritius: The Ministry of Health and Welfare continues its oral health education campaign in primary schools


In line with the National Oral Health Action Plan 2022 – 2027, launched on June 1, 2022, and as part of the ongoing awareness campaign among primary school students on the importance of oral health, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Higher Education, Science and Technology, organized the distribution of oral health kits to the school public Lady PK Boolell at Montagne Blanche, yesterday.

The Minister of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperatives, Mr. Soomilduth Bholah; the Minister of Civil Service, Administrative and Institutional Reforms, Mr. Teeruthraj Hurdoyal; the Parliamentary Private Secretary, Dr. Muhammad Ismaël Rawoo; and other personalities were present at the event.

The oral health kit includes a brochure, bookmark, toothpaste and toothbrush. It is expected that all 76,000 primary school students in Mauritius and Rodrigues will receive their oral health kits over the next six months since the start of the campaign, and thus be more aware of the need to take care of their oral hygiene.

During the event, Dr. Muhammad Ismaël Rawoo, also a dental surgeon, explained to the students the roles and functions of the different parts of the mouth. He taught them the importance of having a good oral hygiene routine and ways to protect and improve their oral health.

There were also presentations on toothbrushing techniques as well as nutritional dietary guidelines for optimal oral health.


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