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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA, April 20, 2022 / — Today, BIPOC-owned wellness company CrashBell is thrilled to launch its Me Time campaign and video series. This ambitious campaign focuses on promoting workplace wellness and teaching self-care methods to 1,000,000 corporate employees worldwide. CrashBell will amplify and elevate the voice of company employees through a series of bi-monthly interviews, social media guidance, as well as offering free Crashbell certifications to several executives seeking to understand meditation and breathwork, to better manage their teams.

The campaign is inspired by the impact of COVID on corporate culture and the lack of wellness services available to its employees. According to Aflac, 61% of employees said a wellness program helped them make healthier lifestyle choices. In an effort to normalize mindfulness and create a healthy workforce, the Crashbell team is taking the initiative to make difficult conversations about balance in the workplace easier. Crashbell CEO Omar Davis said: “I realized working with many of our clients, from BBDO to Match, that they struggled to balance work, parenthood and finding time for themselves. There is unnecessary guilt that exists. Our goal is to normalize the creation of space for oneself while increasing productivity. This campaign idea was actually one of our clients’ ideas and we just put the pieces of the puzzle together.”

The Me Time campaign will include a 7-week self-paced course focused on teaching employees about the mind-body connection, while sharing mindfulness tips through the Crashbell blog and social media. The health and wellness education company will offer breathing and meditation certifications to company employees. Going a step further, they recently launched a new Youtube web series focusing on work-life balance. These bi-monthly episodes will feature the world’s most influential business leaders sharing their experiences of balancing their careers while living rewarding lives.

BBDO’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion reportedly said, “The work we’ve done over the past year with Crashbell has helped our employees become more attentive and productive. We had to step out of our comfort zone, but it paid off, in every way. We look forward to continuing this work into 2022 and beyond. The diverse wellness company has worked with BBDO, Tinder, Mass Appeal, Match, Healthline and more. CrashBell has been in business since 2017, developing educational materials and combining human anatomy with mindfulness to understand the connection between mind, body and soul. These modalities are used to create practical tools for developing self-awareness and inner wisdom.

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