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The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period August 4-11, 2022. Due to its length, this report has been divided into five parts. This is the first part. Please note that an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Mental Person – Thompson Ridge Ct in reference to a male subject walking around the house talking to himself and arguing with his mother. He refused to go to hospital and the mother was advised to go to the courthouse to get a 10-13.
  • Conflict – Pierce Street: A male subject was arrested for criminal trespassing domestic violence following a domestic dispute. He was transported to the WC prison without any problem.
  • Civil Issue – Tall Oaks Ln; In reference to the fact that the complainant needed advice on how to allow her daughter to pick up her belongings at the residence.
  • Suspicious vehicle – N. Broad Street. Vehicle report left on site. Contact made with the owner, who has been advised of civil remedies.
  • Hit and Run – S. Broad; SVC. Vehicle struck by a white van which left the scene, GEARS report completed.
  • Civil Issue – Knight St Lot 16; In reference to the plaintiff stating that his wife took his car and will not return it. The plaintiff was advised of the civil remedies.
  • Thoughts of suicide – High School Avenue. Subject reported feeling suicidal and requested to be transported to hospital. It was handed over and transported by EMS.
  • Suspicious person – N Broad St. – In reference to possible squatters on site. Contact made with people who indicated that they were cleaning the residence that belonged to their recently deceased aunt.
  • Wanted person – Alcovy St; Probation office: in reference to a named subject having an active need for a probation violation. Subject was arrested and transported to Walton County Jail without incident.
  • Property Damage – W Spring St. – In reference to a beige four-door passenger car backing into the plaintiff’s vehicle. A passenger car fled the scene and officers were unable to locate the vehicle or obtain the vehicle tag. Report taken; photo of the vehicle included.
  • Hit and Run – W Spring St at Breedlove Dr. Two vehicles, no injuries. Driver 1 left the scene and was later identified and returned to meet with officers. Driver 1 was taken into custody and issued (2) citations. A report in GEARS and Spillman.
  • babysitting – S Madison Ave; Felker Park: In reference to a female subject saying it was her night to have her children. She then indicated that her children did not want to leave with her and stay with their father, who has primary custody. Remedies were advised and a report was written.
  • Non-Violent Dispute – Morrow St: Verbal argument between two residents in reference to cameras and sleeping arrangements within the household. Remedies were advised to both parties.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Heritage Ridge Ct: In reference to a woman reporting that minors were ringing her doorbell and running away. Zone checked with negative contact.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – S Hammond Dr; Hammond Park: In reference to a male subject sleeping in his vehicle after park hours. Everything seemed ok and he left the stage.
  • Suspicious vehicle – Matthews Park – In reference to a passenger car at the scene. The driver was briefed on park hours and where to park while she slept.
  • EMS Assist – N Broad & Tyler St. – In reference to seeing a female fall multiple times, EMS was called to verify the female subject. She was transported to Piedmont Walton. Dorris is 29 years active out of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, but no suspensions have been placed due to his mental and medical condition.
  • Argument – Mathew’s Park – In reference to a female subject reporting that a male subject punched her in the face during a domestic argument. While officers were investigating, shots were fired in the Sweetgum Dr area in connection with the dispute. The search warrant was executed on Brookland Ct looking for evidence and the male subject. He was not found and warrants were issued against him for Battery-FV, Agg Assault-FV, Agg Assault.


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