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The Donate Life Kentucky partnership is “revolutionizing” elementary education by bringing its in-person program, Life is Cool, to an online platform for Kentucky fourth graders, according to a statement from the Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks Trust for Life.

“Circuit clerks have long been advocates for the mission of organ donation. We are thrilled to support another groundbreaking advance in donation education in Kentucky schools,” says Pike Circuit Clerk Anna Spears.

The Life is Cool program follows state-approved program standards for topics such as organs, tissues, blood, corneas, and the importance of making healthy choices. The program is free for all teachers and parents.

Teachers will be able to register their class for the program online without disclosing student information and will also have access to resources hosted on the site. These resources include a comprehensive digital teaching manual with discussion topics, support materials for 10 teaching sessions, videos that complement each lesson, and a notebook that tracks student progress.

“I hope our schools in Pike County will use this free opportunity to educate students about healthy choices and the mission of organ donation and transplantation,” Spears said.

The Life is Cool program has moved to the online platform due to the pandemic so that students still have a way to experience this educational program. The interactive, virtual program will provide even more students with a memorable experience while helping them understand from an early age how organs can be used to help save lives.

“This program exemplifies why circuit clerks have advocated for this mission since 1992. Our philanthropic partners Kosair Charities, Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates, and everyone else who has given a dollar over the years has made innovative education like this possible. I was proud to promote the mission of donation and to inspire more people to register as an organ donor. Each registered donor gives hope to more than 1,000 Kentucky children and adults who are waiting and needing life-saving transplants. All residents of Pike County can register as a donor. There is no health or age limit. And all teachers and parents can participate in this engaging new online platform,” says Spears.

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To learn more about Kentucky’s Donate Life mission and to register as a donor, visit


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