Ozzy Osbourne promises to take the stage despite health issues


The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, proved to fans that he was born to perform after being held up on stage with a back brace in August. In a recent interview, the famous singer and TV personality expressed his dedication to his career.

He shared that he wouldn’t miss his performances for the world, even if he had to be “pinned to a board and rolled over [stage]. On August 8, 2022, he surprised 30,000 guests with a performance at the Commonwealth Games.

At the Birmingham event, Osborne paused for a moment to express his gratitude for how far his career has come. Keep reading for more details.

Ozzy Osbourne was grateful


The “Immortal” singer revealed to People magazine that the Commonwealth Games venue was only “a quarter of a mile” from where he used to go to school. He then expressed how grateful he was to be in such a position.

“If someone had told me I would be doing this so many years later, I never would have believed them,” he said. He also expressed how amazing his life has been, despite many tough times.

Since beginning his career in the 1970s, Osbourne has had several successful world tours and $100 million in sales. He is also a multiple Grammy winner and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with his former band Black Sabbath in 2006.

Ozzy Osbourne faced challenges

Osbourne went through serious health issues during his career. In 2019, he fell in his bathroom and aggravated an injury he had already suffered from an accident 16 years earlier. He was then taken to hospital and asked to undergo surgery.

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon Osbourne and daughter Kelly Osbourne arrive at Miami International Airport

According to him, the surgery “really screwed up [him] up,” and since then has returned for two more sessions. The most recent dates back to July of this year. The metalhead was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and now walks with a cane.

Osbourne also struggles to speak as well as before. Describing what it felt like to be in such a state, he said: “I’ve never been so lying down.” “I can’t understand my luck.” During the Commonwealth performance, the singer had a brace strapped to his back to follow the stage. However, his condition did not prevent him from pursuing his career.

He released his 13th studio album, “Patient Number 9”, on September 9, 2022. Osbourne said he is now focused on improving himself and has no plans to leave the stage or take his retirement any time soon.

Ozzy Osbourne likes to play

The “Ordinary Man” singer revealed that he loves his fans more than anything else. When asked if he would stop performing on stage anytime soon, the 73-year-old replied, “That’s where I belong.”

Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne at Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood

He also described his relationship with his audience as “the greatest love affair in [his] life.” The star, who grew up with his parents in Birmingham, revealed he started performing on stage in college. He used to represent his class in school plays.

However, he dropped out of school when he was 15. He then started singing for local rock bands before forming his own band, Black Sabbath, with Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward.

In 1970, Black Sabbath released their very first album, “Paranoid”. The heavy metal project quickly rose to fame in the rock music world with hits like “War Pigs” and “Paranoid”, which inspired the album’s name.

His fight against alcohol and drugs

The “Iron Man” singer also opened up about his struggle with drugs and alcohol and how it threatened his health. He explained that he used to get drunk or high before performing, but things have changed. “I started to take the character out of the scene.”

Ozzy Osbourne

The star revealed he “really messed up” and took more drugs and alcohol than usual. “I didn’t care about anything. I would drink myself stupid,” he said. Following this, his band at the time fired him for drug addiction. This incident made things worse for him as he drowned his pain in bottles and pills.

He remembers spending several weeks in his hotel room before his friend Sharon Arden encouraged him to stop drinking and taking drugs. He had met her not long before when her father, Don Arden, was the manager of Black Sabbath. She also became his wife and a new manager and helped him resume his career.

A year later, he released his first 1980 song “Crazy Train”, which became one of Osbourne’s most successful songs today.


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