Raising awareness of mental health issues in construction


Mental health charity Isle Listen will be hosting a truck-pulling competition as part of the Douglas Carnival later this month.

The event is for teams of four who come together to move an Isle Listen branded concrete mixer truck the full length of the short course. The winning team will be the one with the fastest time.

Island Aggregates, a company that supplies sand, gravel and concrete to the construction industry, is supporting the event by renaming two of its mixer trucks to highlight mental health awareness in the construction industry. island.

The trucks will each carry the message “Mental Health Awareness in Construction”.

Local family-owned construction company NK Construction is also sponsoring the event as they want to raise awareness of the importance of mental health in the industry.

However, the event is not limited to those in the construction industry and Isle Listen encourages teams from all sectors of the industry, sports clubs, gyms and groups of friends to get involved and to form a team.

Island Aggregates chief executive Stephen Smyth said: “The stigma around mental health can prevent people from discussing issues. I strongly believe that increased awareness, education and training are key to eliminating this stigma.

“We hope this event will help raise awareness, lead to conversations and requests for mental health training that Isle Listen can provide.”

Andrea Chambers, Managing Director of Isle Listen, added: “We are really excited about this event using the high-impact concrete mixer truck to start conversations and help break the stigma around mental health, especially among young men. .

“As one of the charities newly selected by the Mayor of Douglas to support this year, we thought it would be great to see one of the marquee trucks as part of the Douglas Carnival Parade and to organize the event as part of the carnival celebrations.”

It will take place on Douglas Drive on July 23.

Registration for the Isle Listen Truck Pull is now open and there is a limited time left to register for the event.

The entry fee is £250 and teams can register at www.islelisten.im/truckpull.


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