Seychelles: New Slovak Ambassador to Seychelles discusses health, education and climate crisis with President


Slovakia and Seychelles will work to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the fields of health, education and the climate crisis, the newly accredited Slovak ambassador has said.

Katarina Leligdonova presented her credentials as Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to the President of Seychelles, Wavel Ramkalawan, at State House on Tuesday.

“Slovakia and Seychelles have more in common than people think, although it doesn’t seem like that because we are a landlocked country,” Leligdonova told reporters.

The health sector as well as the mitigation of the climate crisis are areas where the two countries would like to work together and find common solutions through smart resolutions.

Leligdonova said the discussion also focused on cooperation in the education sector and “we have a number of Seychellois students studying in Slovakia and we will also provide scholarships.

The European country has offered scholarships to Seychellois students pursuing a career in medicine over the years.

Seychelles has had bilateral relations with Slovakia since 1993, when the country was still part of Czechoslovakia, but the new ambassador said relations needed to be strengthened.

The Slovak Republic is represented in Seychelles by its Honorary Consul, Guillaume Albert, while Leligdonova is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Leligdonova said her country would like to work closely with the consul “and the president of Seychelles to make our goals come true.”


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