SkinCure Oncology launches consumer health education platform on non-surgical options for treating common skin cancers


BURR RIDGE, Ill., January 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SkinCure Oncology, the global leader in providing a comprehensive model for delivering image-guided superficial radiation therapy (image-guided SRT), the most advanced non-surgical technology for treatment of common skin cancers, today announced the launch of, a consumer health education platform providing evidence-based treatment options for basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers . Some 3.3 million people are diagnosed with these types of cancer each year.

Image-guided SRT is the only skin cancer treatment that uses ultrasound images to help clinicians direct low levels of X-ray energy to targeted areas of the skin, killing cancer cells. A study published in the peer-reviewed journal Oncology and Therapy showed that image-guided SRT produces a 99.3% cure rate.

In addition to information on the technology itself, provides:

  • A comparison of image-guided SRT and traditional Mohs surgery, with side effects, procedure, recovery, and other distinctions
  • An Archive of Patient Stories on Diagnosis, Mohs Surgery and Image-Guided SRT
  • A map of dermatology practices across the country that currently offer image-guided SRT
  • A quiz to find out if image-guided SRT might be the right option
  • An informative blog with news and updates
  • Skin cancer statistics and resources for basal and squamous cell skin cancer
  • Free access to skin cancer information specialists who can answer questions from people with skin cancer and their families

“As we travel the country and speak with people who have had Mohs surgery, many of whom required reconstructive surgery after the invasive procedure, one thing we hear over and over is that they just didn’t know they had treatment options, let alone a surgery-free option,” said Lisa Brandt, director of patient education and advocacy for GentleCure. “ brings a true experience of engagement and empowerment to people with skin cancer and their families as they weigh options that will effectively inform treatment decisions,” she said. for follow-up. “More than 35,000 people have received image-guided SRT in the past five years, resuming their daily activities after each treatment session without cuts, bleeding, pain, anesthesia, scarring or wound care – that’s why we do what we do.”

About SkinCure Oncology
SkinCure Oncology is the world leader in providing a comprehensive model for the delivery of Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy (Image-Guided SRT), the most advanced non-surgical technology for the treatment of skin cancers. common skin. The company partners with quality-focused Mohs dermatologists and surgeons to bring radiation therapy treatment from cancer centers to physicians’ offices. To date, SkinCure Oncology works with nearly 200 dermatology practices nationwide, and more than 35,000 patients have been treated with image-guided SRT over the past five years. Learn more about the company at and visit for helpful consumer and patient information.

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