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Your smiles frame your features and light up your face. And when the corners of someone else’s mouth face upward and their eyes squint – the telltale signs of a real smile, aka a Duchenne smile – it indicates they’re happy. These are things that you inherently get. But when the masks are gone, you felt this.

Without seeing each other’s expressions, you have deeply understood the impact that smiles, open-mouthed laughter, and subtle, secretive smiles have on relationships. The instant signal of friendliness was missing. The energy was cut off. Suddenly there was a need for over-gestures to compensate. “Smiling is the most effective way to impart positivity and connect with others. It does so even better than words,” says Michelle Wax, Founder of the american project of happiness. “I witnessed the power of a smile as I drove across the country interviewing people who describe themselves as happy.”

And it doesn’t stop with projecting happiness; forming a smile releases mood-boosting hormones and neuropeptides that tell your body that you are in a positive state of mind. It’s no wonder everyone is motivated to show theirs with new fervor. Before you start smiling 24/7, stock up on these dental health products and beauty items to get your healthiest smile yet.

Toothbrushes, paste and dental floss have all undergone design transformations, bringing new interest to the dental health product category. This is welcome because “brushing your teeth is always the best way to keep them healthy and bright,” says Marc Lowenberg, a cosmetic dentist in New York. “The key is to focus on this: look in the mirror and observe that the hairs are targeting the gum line. This is where the bacteria are found.”

Try it Hello toothbrush with replaceable head (Buy it, $ 11,; it uses 85 percent less plastic than a conventional brush. Dr Lowenberg is a fan of ergonomics ISSA toothbrush by FOREO (Buy it, $ 169,, whose silicone bristles are particularly gentle on sensitive gums. He associates it with Arm & Hammer Complete Care Toothpaste (Buy it, $ 3, “I love that it contains fluoride, peroxide, and baking soda, which neutralize odor-causing bacteria and break up surface stains,” he says. For the motivation of flossing, consider the compact and cordless Waterpik ION (Buy it, $ 99,

To step up your whitening efforts, try over-the-counter whitening strips – Dr. Lowenberg recommends Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effects (Buy it, $ 30, – or office lasers. The home dental health product contains about 10 percent hydrogen peroxide; pro treatment is up to 37 percent. “The length of time your teeth stay white varies and depends on how often you drink coffee, tea, juice, seltzer water, soda and red wine,” says Dr. Lowenberg.

If fuzzy teeth keep you from smiling as much as you want, then it’s worth exploring your options – there are some exciting innovations. Traditional braces still exist and are necessary in some cases, but most adults want a less blingy look. An orthodontist can advise you and suggest that you equip yourself with a series of clear plastic aligners that you can remove whenever you eat.

Aligners are convenient and discreet, but require discipline – it’s up to you to wear them religiously and switch to the next aligner every two weeks. “This can be a surprisingly difficult task for very busy and active people, so some give up or find the smoothing process takes a year or more,” explains Amanda Gallagher, an orthodontist in Maryland. (Related: Straightening Your Teeth Is The Latest Pandemic Project)

The last option, InBrace, attaches a custom nickel-titanium wire to the back of your teeth. “After scanning your mouth, we design a very thin and flexible wire based on what we want your end result to be,” says Dr. Gallagher. “The floss has memory, and when it’s on your teeth, it wants to go back to how we programmed it, taking your teeth with it. Because the floss is so flexible, there is less pain. than with traditional braces. And since it’s hidden, no one notices. ” People start to see movement within hours and usually finish treatment within six months.

Makeup, and especially lip color, is all about expressing yourself and feeling good. First things first: choose an incredibly luscious mask, neutral liner, and delicious scrub, which will make your lip color softer and last longer, especially if your skin is dry or chapped. To try Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask (Buy it, $ 28,, Victoria Beckham Beauty lip liner in issue 01 (Buy it, $ 35,, and Henné Organics Rose Diamonds Lip Scrub (Buy it, $ 24,

As for the lip color itself, there are no rules, explains New York makeup artist Suzy Gerstein. So choose whatever speaks to you: maybe you like the look and feel of a strong matte red lipstick, or maybe you’re craving a light swipe of a refreshing balm. “Personally, I love a gloss-balm hybrid right now because it pairs well with the transition between summer and fall,” says Gerstein. “It has a brilliant color and a healthy appearance, is non-sticky and does not require constant touch-ups.” (Related: 27 Influencers Prove Anyone Can Wear Glossy Lipstick)

What you pair it with is also up to you. “But I find it most impactful when the other facial features are subtly defined,” says Gerstein. “To me that means mascara, groomed eyebrows, and bronzer or blush applied to the cheeks and eyelids.”


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