The importance of health education is more appreciated during a pandemic

The importance of health education has been better understood in the pandemic

The importance of health education and student service to the public was better understood during the pandemic period. Emphasizing that health will be extremely important until the end of human history, experts say that if they are given a good education, experts graduating from health science departments will have no difficulty in finding employment. . Stating that nursing practice cannot be learned without education, Prof. Dr. Şefik Dursun said training in departments such as OHS and child development should not be done at a distance. Dursun, “Whoever does not see fire becomes an expert in occupational health and safety.”

The Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Üsküdar University and the Head of the Department of Biophysics Prof. Dr. Şefik Dursun spoke about the importance of the departments of the Faculties of Health Sciences and the opportunities for use.

“The value of health education is understood in the pandemic”

Recalling that the education provided in the field of health and the service rendered to the public by the students trained in the field of health are perceived more clearly during the pandemic period, Professor Dr Şefik Dursun said: “There is important departments in our university such as child development, nutrition and dietetics, physiotherapy, speech therapy and language. Since each of these is applied, the students who establish a dialogue with the people are high. During their training, students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned after the theoretical lessons. They are organized within the careers center to carry out vocational training courses applied in companies. We tried to do as much as we could, despite the pandemic. ” noted.

“Vaccination is important for healthy face-to-face education”

Stating that they have prepared themselves to ensure the adaptation and orientation of the candidate students, Prof. Dr. Şefik Dursun said: “Because there is currently a pandemic, it seems that it is extremely important that the academic staff and teaching staff are vaccinated in this environment. If the students are also vaccinated, we can provide a healthier and more peaceful environment. Thus, we can continue the education face to face without interruption. As both the Ministry of Health and other officials have stated, face-to-face training is essential. At this point, this is a situation that requires the students to be vaccinated as well. They will protect someone else or their family, they will protect themselves and their friends. used his statements.

“Nursing cannot be learned without practical training”

Emphasizing that health will be extremely important until the end of human history, Prof. Dr Şefik Dursun said, “Therefore, after graduating from health-related departments, students have no difficulty finding a job in the field. For example, nursing has such an important place as a separate faculty in our university, as in the policies of the Department of Health. There were some applied training issues due to the pandemic, but we have tried to make up for them. It is not possible to learn the profession of nurse without practical training. noted.

“Applied training should not be given at a distance!

teacher. Dr Şefik Dursun drew attention to the fact that education is given in open teaching universities on child development and occupational health and safety and continued his remarks as follows:

“Seeing the child, dealing with his psychology and following his social relations with society is a process that a child developer must personally experience. These characteristics are tried to be given to students in open education. It’s a bad app. In this regard, we believe that practical training is very important in the field of health. Occupational health and safety must be considered in the same way. Whoever does not see the fire becomes an occupational health and safety specialist. Occupational health and safety has now become an important issue in Turkey. It would be better if the Higher Education Council could control universities in Turkey. For example, the Faculty of Health Sciences is supervised by YÖK.

“With a good education, it will be easy for them to find a job”

Stating that there are many departments in faculties of health sciences, Prof. Dr Şefik Dursun said: undergraduate studies in Turkey. After receiving a good education, a midwife, child development specialist, nurse and physiotherapist will have no problem finding a job. noted.


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