The Truth About All of Howard Stern’s Health Problems


There are many reasons why so many people wonder what kind of illness or disease Howard stern To. First of all, the legendary radio host built his career around the complaint. And most of the time, Howard complains of pain and stress. Even though the former shock player is known to get his famous guests in trouble, like Kate Beckinsale, he’s also known for being completely honest about what’s going on in his life. And that includes his physical and mental health.

Without a doubt, Howard Stern is a bit neurotic about his health. It’s because he’s a little neurotic about everything. it’s part of his comedic schtick and his millions of fans love him for it … even when they’re a little annoyed that he beats the same dead horse over and over again. But anyone who knows anything about the illnesses Howard has struggled with all his life knows that it’s a part of it. Here is the truth about all the illnesses and illnesses Howard has suffered and had to go through since he was a child.


Howard Stern had a fear of cancer

No, Howard Stern didn’t end up with cancer. But the fact that he had a legitimate fear has been a subject of much debate. It’s the one the radio host spoke about while promoting his book, “Howard Stern Comes Again,” in 2019. It was also the one featured in the book itself. While discussing the scare helped draw attention to his book, it actually had some relevance to its content.

First, his fear of cancer was the reason he missed a day of work in 2017, something the extremely hardworking New Yorker hardly ever did. At the time, he lied to the public about his whereabouts (another thing he almost never does). But while all of these revelations are interesting, they aren’t so much about Howard’s evolutionary book from a shock sportsman to one of the best celebrity interviewers of all time, or the fact that that fear has. really changed his outlook on life.

While his kidney growth was found to be non-cancerous, he still needed surgery to prove it. Plus, Howard’s longtime co-host Robin Quivers had her cancer experience and nearly died. Howard admitted he was terrified, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Even though Howard was changing, this traumatic moment really helped complete his personal and creative growth, much to the chagrin of some of his old school fans.

Howard has struggled with forms of OCD his entire life

Even though Howard claims his therapist says he doesn’t have a clinical diagnosis of obsession-compulsion, Howard absolutely has OCD tendencies. It’s something he claims to have developed in his early childhood. Pointless counting and a need for perfection dominated his life. And, in his later years, it seems that this problem persisted.

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OCD tendencies also triggered a form of germaphobia in Howard. From all of his stories from his youth, it doesn’t seem like his obsession with cleanliness and health was widespread until later. But now, especially with COVID, Howard is afraid of getting sick. After all, he’s barely left his house in two years, doing the show entirely from his basement. But before the pandemic, Howard displayed notable germaphobic tendencies, including thorough cleaning and keeping distance between himself and a number of his employees. While Howard’s fear of COVID-19 makes sense, there is no doubt that he exacerbated his absurd cleaning habits because of it.

Howard has to constantly change his diet due to minor factors

Howard Stern Show listeners know Howard is constantly changing his diet. One day he drinks coffee and the next day he banned it from his life because of a visit to the doctor. Another day he’s obsessed with eating cucumbers, next doctors say they found seeds in his stomach and therefore he must stop. It’s hard to keep abreast of changes in his eating habits, but the radio host does a really good job of making his battle with his general health and physical weight fun.

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Thanks to factors like high blood pressure or excess vitamin D, Howard told his radio audience that he had to constantly change what he ingests. So while we don’t know the full story, it’s safe to say that Howard’s troubles are ongoing. However, by removing a page from Howard’s book … or rather from Dr. John Sarno’s book, a lot of Howard’s problems can be in his head or caused by the stress he is putting on himself.

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Howard Stern is known to quote Dr. John Sarno whenever one of his employees or guests complains of back pain. This is because Howard has suffered from back pain for years, but claims that the late Dr. Sarno’s teaching on the mind-body connection solved his problems. While the medical jury still seems to be on the legitimacy of all of Dr Sarno’s precise findings, there is no doubt that Howard’s neurosis and OCD has caused him more problems than he needs or needs. he doesn’t deserve it.

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