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WASHINGTON – US News & World Report, the global authority on consumer ratings and advice, and Pharmacy hours®, the leading multimedia resource for pharmacy professionals, today released the most recommended health products for 2021. Tylenol has become the first choice among pharmacists surveyed for the treatment of headaches, and Claritin products are at the top of the list for allergy relief in adults and children.

Now in its 25th year, the OTC Guide®, published by Pharmacy hours®, provides pharmacist recommendations for more than 1,000 over-the-counter (OTC) brands in 152 product categories, of which 133 are also published by US News. These findings provide pharmacists, patients and other healthcare professionals with a trusted resource to promote wellness, prevent and treat acute conditions and illnesses, and manage more complex conditions, all of which improve patient outcomes.

Pharmacies are not only accessible and conveniently located, but they are also a trusted resource for patients with both common illnesses and co-morbidities. By providing essential services such as patient education, dispensing of medications, vaccinations, over-the-counter medication recommendations and medication management, pharmacy teams continue to be essential. According to Centers for Disaster Control and Prevention, more than 90% of Americans live within five miles of a pharmacy, and patients visit their community pharmacy an average of 12 times more per year than their primary care physician.

As preventative care remains a high priority, and COVID-19 vaccinations and CDC guidelines allow more Americans to resume travel, the best products can help consumers and their families stay healthy year round. . The # 1 Pharmacist Recommended Brands include:

To keep kids healthy all year round, top recommended health products in 2021 for common conditions like allergies, sore throats, and coughs include:

“As more Americans roll up their sleeves to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and people begin to travel and return to the office, they seek readily available information on allergies, headaches and pain relievers. over-the-counter, “said Kim Castro, editor and chief content officer at US News. “The know-how of Pharmacy hours® combined with the in-depth journalism and analysis of US News allows consumers to research products for their affliction and, with input from a physician or general practitioner, know they have made the most informed decision for their health. “

Ed Cohen, Pharm.D., FAPhA, Executive Vice President of Pharmaceutical Advocacy for Pharmacy hours® added: “The OTC Guide® gives consumers everywhere an overview of the over-the-counter products that pharmacists know and recommend. Patients continue to turn to over-the-counter products to treat their ailments and pharmacists continue to advise and recommend appropriate over-the-counter products. We are proud to be working with US News again to develop this comprehensive guide to recommendations for pharmacists, and we are grateful for the time and effort pharmacists have put into responding to the survey, especially this year in balancing their time with COVID-19 priorities. “

US News and Pharmacy hours® began collaborating in 2012 to bring pharmacist recommendations to consumers nationwide. Pharmacy hours® assesses the ideas and preferences of pharmacists through an annual research program conducted by HRA® – Healthcare Research and Analysis, a consultative healthcare market research practice. Thanks to US News’ Medicines and treatments section, consumers have a simple and searchable way to access the information produced by pharmacists’ recommendations. US News displays brands that received at least 1% of pharmacist votes, but assigns the # 1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand designation only to the highest ranked product in each category.

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