Vibrent Health Expands Advisory Boards to Optimize Digital Health Products for Clinical Research Success


FAIRFAX, Virginia – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Vibrant health, a healthcare technology company that is propelling the future of precision medicine, announced the successful launch of its Clinical Research Council (CRB), which serves as a valuable forum for the healthcare research ecosystem to inform Vibrent Health’s technology roadmap. The role of the council is to help shape the digital health tools of the future for the benefit of the research community at large.

“In creating the Board of Directors, Vibrent Health incorporates the perspectives and needs of study teams of all sizes,” said Rachele Peterson, Director of Clinical Research at Vibrent Health. “As a former research director in a leading healthcare system, I saw with my own eyes how the need for technology in the clinical research enterprise has multiplied. Clinical research is increasingly complex with the number of players growing between sponsors, participants, study teams, researchers and regulatory requirements. The Board of Directors is a one-of-a-kind forum that invites clinical researchers to contribute to the important feedback loop that leading companies like Vibrent Health rely on to develop world-class solutions.

Board members come from a diverse group of healthcare and research organizations, including academic medical centers, the Veterans Administration (VA), small regional hospitals, and skilled health centers. at the federal level, among others. They work directly with research teams and patients and provide a unique perspective on the technological needs of the research community. Many members represent healthcare provider organizations that are partners in the National Institutes of Health’s Million-Person Precision Medicine Initiative, the All of us Research program, for which Vibrent Health serves as the center of the participant’s technology systems.

“The Board of Directors provides the opportunity to help ensure that the technologies developed by Vibrent meet the needs of a variety of participants, organizations and research teams,” said Dr. Joyce Ho, Associate Research Professor at Northwestern University and member of the board of directors. “With the objective of registering a million diverse participants for All of us, Vibrent designs digital experiences that are usable and relevant for everyone. And we need to be able to easily access this digital research data for our research. It’s a big challenge, but it’s possible when a strong technology partner pays close attention to the specific needs of our community.

Dr Ho added: “Being on the board is an invaluable opportunity – it provides us with a cohesive channel to be heard. ”

Vibrent Health continues to develop business and consumer products and solutions that optimize clinical investigator workflows to reduce workload, save time and increase efficiency. To ensure that Vibrent’s solutions exceed the needs of the scientific community, the company partners with clinical research teams to advise Vibrent on market direction and how best to create a technology roadmap for research. clinical.

This iterative process ensures that clinical researchers can collect data from populations historically under-represented in clinical studies. This information can be used to improve patient access, experience, and clinical trial results. Vibrent Health is committed to making trials accessible and inclusive for everyone, regardless of geography, income, and race. The Board builds the confidence of other sponsors and researchers that Vibrent Health values ​​their opinions and incorporates their feedback into product design.

“Real-world board feedback gives research teams using Vibrate technologies the advantage of real-world customer information as the basis for the design and function of the tools and the confidence that the tools have.” been tried and tested by their peers, ”said Praduman“ PJ ”Jain, CEO and Founder of Vibrent Health.

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Vibrent Health’s mission is to accelerate health research to optimize human health through precision technology and digital tools that strengthen participant engagement, research analysis and research management for researchers, research organizations and research participants. Through its digital health solutions platform, the company provides a large-scale, versatile global platform for health research. The platform provides an infrastructure for collecting data from broad sources including genomics, environment, lifestyle, behaviors and electronic health records. As of February 2017, Vibrent Health has been the Participant Technology Systems Center for the National Institutes of Health’s All of us Research program, which aims to collect data on the health of a million or more people to support a wide variety of research studies. To learn more, visit


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