Will Smith and Michael Phelps’ Health Issues Show Similarity in Their Childhood Struggles: ‘Had Trouble Paying Attention’


The success achieved by Michael Phelps shows his determination to be the best. He devoted his life to swimming after showing his passion for the sport. But, as a child, he suffered from ADHD, a chronic condition that affects many children. Similarly, Oscar winner Will Smith suffered from the same problem during his childhood. He once recalled the problems he faced as a child and could not concentrate during his childhood years.


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Phelps had the same problems at school, as his mother recalled. She remembers his teachers coming to see them to discuss the problems he was having at school. After hearing about it from the teacher, Phelps’ mother took him to a doctor and had Michael diagnosed when he was nine years old. Facing the same issues, Smith revealed how he struggled as a child.


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Will Smith’s ADHD issues

For Michael’s mother, Deborah Phelps, that new hit her hard. ADHD is a chronic condition that affects millions of children and often extends into adulthood. Some problems include inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. Most likely, children with ADHD suffer from poor performance, and Smith also recalled a story he experienced at school.

“I was the funny person who had a hard time paying attention. Today they would diagnose me as a kid with ADHD [attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder]. I was a B student who should have gotten A’s – a classic underachiever. It was difficult for me to read an entire book in two weeks. mentioned Smith, who couldn’t concentrate. He continued, “Today, I buy a book and someone reads it to me on tape! »


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Although they are unable to concentrate, having a passion for something can help them overcome the problem. For Phelps, it was swimming, and Smith focused on improving his acting. Famous actor Channing Tatum believes streamlining a multi-billion dollar business would help people identify this problem at a young age. However, parents play an important role in helping their children grow.

The road to success by Michael Phelps


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When Phelps hated to read, Debbie handed him the sports section of the book to get his attention. She developed a radical approach to her son’s problems and found positives at every step. Learning math is tedious for many students, and Debbie has hired a tutor to help Phelps by linking math problems to her swimming routines. It worked wonders.

SHANGHAI, CHINA – JULY 31: Michael Phelps of the United States is congratulated by his mother Debbie after the men’s 4x100m medley relay on day sixteen of the 14th FINA World Championships at Oriental Sports Center on July 31, 2011 in Shanghai, China . (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

There are many ways to help young children tackle the problem of ADHD. In summary, parents played a crucial role in their development. It became Deborah Phelps’ greatest achievement in life to help Phelps overcome her ADHD problem. She remains an example for tackling children with ADHD and is enjoying resounding success in the future.


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