Women think their health issues have been misdiagnosed


As if women didn’t have enough to worry about, new research has revealed the extent of medical bias, with up to 57% of women saying they’ve been misdiagnosed by doctors.

Research, digital health app, Livi, surveyed 2,000 women across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland over the age of 18. More than half (57%) of these women believe they were medically misdiagnosed simply because of their gender, and one in three (29%) still don’t think they received the correct diagnosis.

Research has also shown that many women endure long waits to receive the correct diagnosis, with 23% of women reporting waiting between a year and 11 years for a diagnosis.

The study also showed that more than a quarter of women waited a long time to be diagnosed with life-altering or life-threatening illnesses.

The news follows an All-Party Political Group (APPG) survey in 2019 which revealed the average diagnosis of the debilitating disease. endometriosis be eight years old.

The gender gap in health results from the fact that the majority of medical research is conducted on men. Scientists believe that men and women differ at the cellular level, but the same treatment is often applied in a comprehensive approach.

Livi’s research calls for ending the gender health gap and better health education for women. The app will provide free training to more than 10,000 doctors in a series of live-streamed events in the UK from September.

To raise awareness of the medical data bias that women lack, Livi has teamed up with best-selling author Emma Gannon to publish new ebook “Miss Diagnosed: The Health Manual Every Woman (and Man) Should Read.”

The book examines how symptoms differ in conditions between men and women, and shares advice on how to talk to your doctor.

Gannon said: “Medical research focused primarily on men harms women’s health, leading to misdiagnoses and potentially life-threatening outcomes. That’s where this book comes in. It is a crucial piece of the puzzle, allowing us not only to learn more about this problem, but also to feel more empowered.

Livi’s ebook, in partnership with Emma Gannon, “Miss Diagnosed: the health handbook every woman (and man) should read”, is available for free via here.

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