Young Women With Health Problems Writing Award Winning Book


TRADE TWP., Michigan (WXYZ) – From the vision board she created when she was homeschooled at the age of 12 in her parents’ basement, to huge accomplishments.

“I was very excited to learn that my book, Legend of the Storm Sneezer, won gold in the Children’s Mystery category of the Readers Favorite Book Awards and it blew me away,” said Kristiana Sfirlea.

“What’s so special about your story?” Asked Glenda Lewis of WXYZ.

“There are a lot of different things that I have heard from readers, but one of the main things that I think about is the main character, Rose,” Sfirlea said.

“I love that she has a lot of bad things happening to her. She makes the most of it and she has the best sense of humor. If I could have her sense of humor I think I would be ready. for life, ”Sfirlea said.

Much like her popular character Rose, Kristiana Sfirlea spends every day turning the difficulties in her life into a happy place.

She was born with a rare condition called gastroparesis. This means that the muscles in her stomach are paralyzed and not working to digest food.

“All those college years were just emergencies and hospitals and no one could figure out what was going on because gastroparesis is a very rare disease,” Sfirlea said. “It’s not very common, especially severe cases like mine.”

As a girl hurt on the inside and trying to figure out life on the outside, Kristiana turned her feelings into strength behind her character Rose.

“I think watching her sink so low last year in particular and then seeing how she allowed God to let her get up was the greatest encouragement to my heart,” said Samantha Sfirlea.

“Sometimes I tell her you have such a great story because the pain is real and the success is real,” said Marius Sfirlea.

“What I love about her is her mind now that she really wants to use it for something bigger than herself.”

“This is what I call my arm milkshake and it’s kind of how it looks like a milkshake and goes through this tube, into this machine and goes right into my arm here and completely bypass my digestive system so you can get the nutrition you need, ”said Sfirlea describing her current treatment packaged in a backpack.

Backpack has now put Kristiana in the best place of her life so far and now with book number 2 completed, her mission is to use her life as an example for hard-working, light-hearted young people to achieve. your dreams. .

“Find what you are passionate about and stick with it,” Sfirlea said.

“What’s your next adventure?” Lewis asked.

“My next adventure? I really want to inspire children. I would love to do workshops with schools, workshops, churches, ”Sfirlea said.


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