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21-year-old Francois Byiringiro, also known by his stage name as Zeo Trap, is on a mission to change people’s stereotypes about rap and cultivate hope in those struggling to overcome difficulties caused by problems. of mental health.

The 21-year-old rapper is aware that he lives in a society where some people have issues that prevent them from having a clear vision and, therefore, wants to instill a positive mindset in them.

“My lyrics address mental health issues and shine a light on other young people who are out of work, drug addicts, and more. Through my rap, I give them hope and show them that no matter the situation, they can break through by being patient and working hard, he said.

“Some also perceive rap as something for bad-behaved gangsters. I want them to believe in the good that the new generation of rappers, to which I belong, can do.”

Born in Gisozi, Kigali province, Byiringiro was introduced to rap from an early age. He said his age mates loved listening to rap songs which he said they could easily relate to, adding that it compelled him to love the genre and therefore pursue it.

In 2017, while in high school at APADEM, he began writing hip-hop verses and performing in talent contests organized by his school. At the time, he was also a dancer and was part of the school’s media club which organized dissident rap battles which he said gave him a platform to prove he had superb rap skills.

In 2019, after graduating from high school, he joined a group called Byina Trap along with other rappers. They have composed many songs including Munyana and Amazi Y’Abasoda which, according to Byiringiro, strengthened their names.

After the Covid-19 lockdown, the band members went their separate ways which became his paradigm shift to start a solo career. So far he has achieved four singles with “Eleatops the rest as the most viewed on his Youtube channel.

According to him, his persistence in rapping has been enhanced by the love of his fans who have elevated his name as well as the brand he is part of “Kavukire” which deals with art and fashion.

He especially loves rapping because it makes him address any message he wants and fits his writing style which requires him to first analyze a certain topic before writing about it.

Byiringiro performed in shows like “Bye Bye Vacance” and in different clubs and bars. Since starting his hip-hop career, he’s also met professional producers and learned how to edit videos, including his own.

He still faces challenges regarding promotion where he said some artists are favored by promoters while others, like him, are held back, hence the call for music promoters to give opportunities to all emerging artists.

He aims to become one of Rwanda’s top rappers and own a music label.

He uses Instagram as @zeotrap, Facebook as #zeotrap and email: zeotrap2021@gmail.com


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